Aphelion Technologies is a privately held information technology company developing software products for medium and small businesses. Many of 6.2 million SOHO (small office home office) businesses are not reaping the fruits of information technology innovations. Many businesses are still relying on old paper pencil based methodologies and processes to run their business.

To cater the needs of various small businesses, Aphelion is focusing on developing and delivering software in SAAS (Software as a Service) model for small business. In a SAAS model, the software is maintained on Aphelion's data center and customers can use this software by connecting to these servers over the Internet. SAAS model is a perfect match for small businesses, who can not setup their own computer infrastructure to run this software. With SAAS model not only they don't need to setup computer hardware, but also they don't need to worry about hardware and software maintenance and their business data security. In short, SAAS model uniquely offers all the benefits of traditional desktop software with a great benefit of minimal total cost of ownership. In addition to developoing software for small businesses, Aphelion is actively involved in development of mobile applications like iPhone apps. Currently Aphelion involved in developing various iPhone apps to Vonage VOIP phone service. Please checkout our Mobile Applications page to see a list of all Vonage iPhone apps and other smart phone applications.

As a new entrant into software development, to avoid competition, Aphelion is primary focused on developing niche software for different verticals of small business industry like diners, motels, professional photographers, attorneys, dentists, optometrists etc. With our unique software execution model based on best practices followed in IT programming, global collaboration, and delivery excellence, we plan to address the needs of these different verticals.