MMTextile for SAP

SAP is widely used ERP software across several industries, but just like other ERP software, SAP has limited support for Textile industry.

  1. Requires lot of time configuring the ERP software.
  2. Have to manually setup workflows
  3. There aren’t any features to show material and process incompatibilities.
  4. Requires additional time in configuring the system with industry specific raw material master data.
  5. There aren’t any features to automatically update raw material master data from known industry sources.

MMTextile is industry’s first ERP Software extension that addresses the above gaps in traditional ERP software. An easy to install ERP extension, with pre-loaded raw materials, raw material processing workflows, material to material and process to material incompatibilities makes ERP implementation for textile industry a breeze.

Easy Installation:

Installing MMTextile is ERP implementation is very easy. Just execute MMTextile.exe, and wizard style install program will guide you through installing the extension. It will gather lot of configuration data from your SAP installation configuration files saving you the trouble of knowing complex configuration details about SAP installation.

Sanity Now:

Textile industry is all about processing raw material to finished goods. This involves running materials several different processes with valid check points for material quality inspection and quantity inspection. Implementing these workflows in ERP software is one of the complex and resource intensive step of ERP implementation. MMTextile is comes with several of these workflows configured and tuning them to your quality standards is the only thing you need.

Watch your step:

Another complex and most vulnerable aspect of chemical processing is the material incompatibilities. Often times same processing unit is used to process different kinds of raw materials. But, because of reactive nature of these chemicals, a processing unit can not process certain kinds of raw materials through certain process, if it processed one kind of raw material in certain process. MMTextile’s has business logic to capture these incompatibilities and warn the user about potential problems in the current schedule of raw material processing. This will avoid costly material recalls thus saving thousands of dollars for the company.

Data you need:

Textile industry used hundreds of kinds of raw materials to produce finished goods. With hundreds of materials in each kind, with different quality parameters, the numbers run into tens of thousands. Obviously entering this information into your ERP implementation is a very time consuming process. MMTextile extension comes pre-loaded with this information and you have the option of selecting only the materials that you are interested in.

Stay ahead:

The remote update facility of this extension allows you to keep you ahead of the competition by notifying you about the new raw materials that are being used using new processes. This is optional feature that you can enable or disable depending your company information security policies.

If you are either beginning your ERP implementation or planning to implement ERP in near future MMTextile can save you lot of hassle. If you are interested in learning more about this product and its availability, please contact our marketing department at marketing-$$ Our product manager and our functional analyst will be more than happy to go over the details with you.