ERP Applications Overview

Our engineers while implementing ERP software across different industries, gain unique insight into various problems that industries are facing and develop better perspective about the solutions that need to be developed to address these problems. With their strong education background combined with cross-domain knowledge and implementation experience, Aphelion Technologies is in a vantage position to develop products that ease ERP implementations for specific industries.

The highly saturated Textile chemicals industry has lower margins. The ever increasing complexities in the processing of raw material, by the introduction of new raw materials, new discoveries in chemical reactions, and processing guidelines by various regulatory bodies, is putting lot pressure on this industry. ERP software is right choice for addressing these problems cost effectively and stying ahead in the industry.

But, textile industry is one industry where traditional ERP software vendors have not developed industry specific solutions. Implementing ERP software for this industry is very time consuming and resource intensive. Often times, this process is repetitive across different companies. Aphelion Technologies is developing industry’s first ERP software extension code named MMTextile, that can solve the problems of Textile industry. Please check out this product’s webpage to learn about its features and how it can save money and time in your ERP implementation.