1ClickDialer for iPhone (Support Page)

Please write to support for feature requests, issues, usage questions etc.

1ClickDialer is not produced by, licensed from, sponsored or endorsed by, or in any other way officially connected with Vonage®
Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC. Click-2-Call® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC.

Known Issues:

-Special characters in username/password are not supported. Please change your username/password.

-This app will not work if Vonage discontinues 'Click-2-Call' service.

Authentication is failing, despite entering correct username and password. Why?
If you have any special characters in your username or password, you can not use this app. You can change your password at Vonage website. You will have to contact Vonage to change your username though.

When I dial a number, my vonage phone is not ringing. Why?
vDailer uses Vonage's Click2Call service. Sometimes, the Click2Call service may be down preventing you from using 1ClickDialer. Please check with Vonage if there are any Click2Call service issues. If not, please contact 1ClickDialer support.

Do I have to be at Home to use this app?
Yes. This is dialer only app and you need to be at home to use this app. (Technically, you don't need to be at home. Your Vonage phone at home will just ring and since you are not home you can't answer to be connected to the destination number.

Try our vOnGo app for using your Vonage World Plan from iPhone.

Phone Number Tips:

-Store your international numbers in correct format. + CountryCode PhoneNumber (Eg:+91 40 23160938)

-This app works fine with '011 CountryCode PhoneNumber' format for US and Canada customers.

-This app also works fine with '00 CountryCode PhoneNumber' format for UK customers.

Dial Tab:

-In dial pad, press and hold '0' to enter +.

-In dial pad, press and hold back arrow to delete an entire number.

-You can add the number you just entered into your iPhone address book (in vOnGo Premier only) by clicking "Add Contact" icon (bottom left in dial pad).

Favorites Tab:

-You can sort your Favorites by clicking the 'Edit' button and then dragging a favorite using the right side handle to desired positing.

-You can delete a favorite by clicking the 'Edit' button, then 'red icon' and then 'Delete' button. Please remember that it only deletes it from favorites, not from your address book.

Initial Setup:
  1. Enter you Vonage account details in Settings tab.
  2. Verify your account details by clicking 'Verify Account Details'
  3. Go to 'Favorites' tab and click '+' icon to add frequently used numbers to your favorites list.

Making calls:
  1. Click on any favorite to call. If you don't have any favorites, click on '+' sign top right to add few.
  2. OR Click 'Dial' tab and then 'Contacts' icon to call any contact from your address book.
  3. Your Vonage phone will ring. When you answer your Vonage phone, it will automatically ring the number you wanted to call.
  4. Go to Settings tab to upgrade and to unlock more features.
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