WorldOnGo is an iPhone app which allows to use Vonage World Plan from your iPhone. It is a good alternative to Vonage Mobile App with no recurring charges. WorldOnGo is just ringing the vonage phone and not connecting the call to the international number.

Have Vonage World℠ Plan at home, but still spending $$ on calling cards to make international calls, when away from home?

Wish you could use your Vonage World℠ Plan when you are on the go?

Then WorldOnGo is the iPhone app for you.

Click here to find us on App Store or Search for WorldOnGo on App Store.

Just for one time cost of the app (now on sale for $0.99), WorldOnGo lets you use your Vonage World Plan from your iPhone. There are No Recurring charges. Just one time cost for the app.

WorldOnGo works in four simple steps

  1. In WorldOnGo app, you click on an international number you want to call.

  2. WorldOnGo configures call forward on your Vonage account.

  3. You call your Vonage number, and the call will be forwarded to the international number you wanted to call.

  4. You end the call and WorldOnGo resets the call forward on your Vonage account

WorldOnGo is fully integrated with your iPhone Address book. You can select any number from your address book to call. For easier usage, you can also add frequently used numbers to WorldOnGo Favorites.


01-21-2012: We have just uploaded an update for WorldOnGo that should fix the black captcha image problem mentioned below. The app will be available for downlaod as soon as it is approved by App Store. App Store generally takes about a week to approve updates.

01-14-2012: Vonage has updated thier website yet again, and that is what making the capthca image area appear black in our iPhone application. We believe we can solve this issue and are working on a fix. We will release an update as soon as we resolve the issue.

09-01-2011:Vonage has updated thier website and are now requiring captcha image verification when setting an international number as the call forward number. This is causing WorldOnGo not to function correctly. We foresaw this as a possible move by Vonage to prevent our app from setting the call forward and that is why we mentioned in our app description that this app may not work if Voange makes any changes to thier website. We are looking into this problem and hopefully can find a solution. There is no work around for this problem. You can still use this app to reset call forward to a US number or disable call forward.

08-10-2011: A few users have reported that the international calls are not getting forwarded, instead calls are being routed to Vonage home number. This seems to be an issue with how Vonage is forwarding calls. Now, Vonage is taking about five minutes to make call forward settings active. So, please turn on the call prompt in Settings-Advanced Settings and wait about 5 minutes before clicking Call button. Please do not quit the app, as quitting the app will reset the call forward in the background.
If it is still not working, you need to contact Vonage support team and ask why international call forward settings are not becoming active immediately.

Click here to find us on App Store or Search for WorldOnGo on App Store.

Have a question? Please check out our WorldOnGo Support Page. If your issue is still not resolved, please Contact Us. You are always welcome to leave feedback at the same address.

WorldOnGo is not produced by, licensed from, sponsored or endorsed by, or in any other way officially connected with Vonage®
Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC. Vonage World℠ is a registered service mark of Vonage Marketing LLC.

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