WorldOnGo for iPhone (Support Page)

01-21-2012: We have just uploaded an update for WorldOnGo that should fix the black captcha image problem mentioned below. The app will be available for downlaod as soon as it is approved by App Store. App Store generally takes about a week to approve updates.

01-14-2012: Vonage has updated thier website yet again, and that is what making the capthca image area appear black in our iPhone application. We believe we can solve this issue and are working on a fix. We will release an update as soon as we resolve the issue.

09-01-2011:Vonage has updated thier website and are now requiring captcha image verification when setting an international number as the call forward number. This is causing WorldOnGo not to function correctly. We foresaw this as a possible move by Vonage to prevent our app from setting the call forward and that is why we mentioned in our app description that this app may not work if Voange makes any changes to thier website. We are looking into this problem and hopefully can find a solution. There is no work around for this problem. You can still use this app to reset call forward to a US number or disable call forward.

08-10-2011: A few users have reported that the international calls are not getting forwarded, instead calls are being routed to Vonage home number. This seems to be an issue with how Vonage is forwarding calls. Now, Vonage is taking about five minutes to make call forward settings active. So, please turn on the call prompt in Settings-Advanced Settings and wait about 5 minutes before clicking Call button. Please do not quit the app, as quitting the app will reset the call forward in the background.
If it is still not working, you need to contact Vonage support team and ask why international call forward settings are not becoming active immediately.

Thank you for visiting the support page of WorldOnGo iPhone App. Please browse through the following tabs to locate the information you want. This page can help you with initial setup WorldOnGo app and using WorldOnGo to make call. You also find important tips and tricks to help you maximum out of WorldOnGo app.

Please write to support for feature requests, issues, usage questions etc.


Having problems? Check out our FAQs tab.

Our most recent update 2.1.9 is fully compatible with iOS 4.0 and above. It will reset the call forward on your vonage account while running in the background.

As always, it is a free update to all users who purchased previous versions of this App. Click here to get it from App Store.

All new update 2.0.0 has been approved and is now available on App Store. It brings a whole set of great features and is free for all exisiting users.

1) Push Notificatons : If you ever forget to reset call forwrad settings, we will notify/remind you to reset call forward settings. With this feature you don't have to worry about your incoming calls going overseas.

2) Recents Tab: Lists your recent calls (only 5 for Lite Users and 50 for Premier users). Premier users can also add the numbers they dialed to their address book from with in the app.

3) One Click Dialing : (For Premier Users only) Now you can create shortcuts/bookmarks on your home screen to the numbers you frequently call. Just go to and follow the instructions on page. This great handfree feature very useful when driving. With just one click, you are calling the international party you want and restoring your settings.

4) Earn Free Upgrades: Refer WorldOnGo to your friends and get a free upgrade to Pro. Just go to Settings tab in WorldOnGo.

Update 1.6.5 has been approved and is now available on App Store. It addresses the recent connectivity issues with Vonage.

Update 1.6.3 has been approved and is now available on App Store.
To improve the usability, we have made following improvements
   *Re-arranged settings tab
   *Removed extra call prompts
   *Faster call forward configuration
   *Reset on call connect

Update 1.6.2 has been approved and is now available on App Store. It is a free update to all users who purchased previous versions of this App.
At the request of our customers, we have added following features in 1.6.2
   *'Reset Call Forward' button to main screen (Favorites tab).
   *Ability to specify multiple SimulRing numbers when restoring call forward settings.

Update 1.6 is the new version with a bug fix for app crashes when there is a very spotty network connection.

Update 1.5 is major update with lots of cool features and the update is free for all users who purchased previous versions of this app. Some of new features include
   *Automatic reset of call forward after your call ends. You don't have to remember to re-launch the app.
   *Up to 5 favorites for Lite version.

Known Issues:

-Special characters in username/password are not supported. Please change your username/password.

-This app may not work if there are significant changes to Vonage Web site or how Vonage call forwarding works.

Why is not the app launching after installing the latest update?

A bug got introduced with the update 3.1.5 that is prevening the app from launching on iOS 3.x devices. We have found the root cause of the problem and are working on a fix. We will make the fix available as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have already updated your app to this version, the temporary work arounds are

1) upgrade your iOS to 4.x. We understand if you don't want to.

2) If you have bought previous version of the app and have backed up your iPhone, you can restore the phone to that back up and use the app.

We will have the fix available as soon as possible and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Stuck with Call prompt after upgrading to 2.9.5. What is the work around and when will we get the fix?

Update: We have released an update for this fix. Just update to the latest version.
This bug was introduced with version 2.9.5 of WorldOnGo, but the work around is simple. Please go to Settings->Advanced Settings and turn off the 'Show Call Prompt'. We have already submitted an update to the App Store and it should be available for download by end of this week or early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience

After configuring call forward, when I call my Vonage number, it goes to my Vonage voicemail. What is the reason and what is the solution?

It is most likely a problem with your Vonage account or it is just that Vonage lines are busy. As a precaution, please check your Voicemail settings at Make sure calls are forwarded to voicemail after 50 seconds. Also try calling a different country or a different phone number. If it continues to happen, please contact us at and we will futher toubleshoot the problem.

Why isn't WorldOnGo disabling call forward after the call is connected?

Please make sure 'Call Forward' Setting is off in Settings->Advanced Settings section. If the call forward is not being disabled even after that, please contact us Our support team will be more than happy to resolve the problem.

Recently, WorldOnGo is just ringing my home Vonage phone without forwarding the call the to the number I dialed, why?

We have released an update 1.6.5 to address this problem. Also please try the workaround mentioned below if you continue to experience the same problem.

Sometimes, Vonage servers take a few seconds (and that few seconds is random) before they make the call forward settings effective. WorldOnGo already waits a few seconds before calling your Vonage number, but it seems that is not enough these days. We are already looking into this problem and will try to release fix if the problem is wide spread.

Meanwhile to work around this problem, in WorldOnGo app, go to Settings->Advanced Settings. Locate call prompt option and set it to 'On' position and save your settings. Next time when you make call, once the call forward is configured the app will show an alert dialog prompting you to call your Vonage number. At this time, wait a few more secs (5 to 15 sec) before clicking the call button. Please try this work around and let us know your findings.

With the new feature to reset call forward on call connect ( added in 1.6.3 update), it is hard to turn on speaker phone and access other phone controls. Is there a work around?

Yes, when WorldOnGo re-launches to reset call forward, it pushes the phone application to background and makes it hard to access phone controls. We are working on a fix for this too.

Meanwhile to work around this problem, in WorldOnGo app, go to Settings->Advanced Settings. Locate 'Reset on Call Connect' and set it to 'Off' position. But please remember to launch WorldOnGo after you are done accessing the phone contols, to reset call forward settings on your Vonage account.

What prefix do I use to dial an international number?
We recommend you save all your international numbers in +CountryCode XXXXXXXXXX format. We will add the right prefix based on your country. We also support 011 ContryCode XXXXXXXXXX format (for US and Canada) and 00 CountryCode XXXXXXXXXX (for UK).

How do I avoid using air minutes if I am near a land line outside my home?
In the Settings tab, enable Prompt Call. If you enable this flag, the app will prompt you before calling. At that time, you can just quit the app and call your Vonage number from any other phone. After your call is connected, don't forget to RELAUNCH the app to reset call forward settings.

I generally configure my vonage phone to ring my cell phone simultaneously. Can this app restore those settings?
Yes, you can do that by configuring default call forward settings accordingly. To configure default call forward settings, launch WorldOnGo. go to Settings tab and then go to Default Call Forward Settings. Here, enable Call Forward, enable SimulRing and then enter the phone number you want to ring simultaneously. When ever WorldOnGo resets call forwarding, it will reset it to these values.

I know, WorldOnGo resets my call forward after the call ends. But I want call forward to be reset as soon as my call is connected. How can I do that?
Once your call is connected, press 'Home' button on the iPhone. Click on the WorldOnGo app. WorldOnGo will launch and will reset call forward automatically.

Phone Number Tips:

-Store your international numbers in correct format. + CountryCode PhoneNumber (Eg:+91 40 23160938)

-This app works fine with '011 CountryCode PhoneNumber' format for US and Canada customers.

-This app also works fine with '00 CountryCode PhoneNumber' format for UK customers.

Dial Tab:

-In dial pad, press and hold '0' to enter +.

-In dial pad, press and hold back arrow to delete an entire number.

-You can add the number you just entered into your iPhone address book (in WorldOnGo Pro/Premier only) by clicking "Add Contact" icon (bottom left in dial pad).

Favorites Tab:

-You can sort your Favorites by clicking the 'Edit' button and then dragging a favorite using the right side handle to desired positing.

-You can delete a favorite by clicking the 'Edit' button, then 'red icon' and then 'Delete' button. Please remember that it only deletes it from favorites, not from your address book.

Recommended Settings:

Vonage Account Details Username:Enter you Vonage user name that you use at
Password: Enter your Vonage password. Your password is safely stored in encrypted format and is never shared with any one.
Vonage Phone Number: Enter your Vonage phone number with country code and area code. Eg: 14087168512 or 442341278345
Verify Account Details: Tap on 'Verify Account Details' button to verify your account details.

Advanced Settings:(For Adavaced Users only)
Click on Advanced Settings to configure your call forward reset settings and other usage settings.
Cal Forward Reset Settings:
Call Forwarding: Set it to 'Off'. If you generally have your incoming calls to Vonage forwarded to your mobile phone or work phone, set it to 'On'.
SimulRing: This is shown only if call forwarding is on. Again, set it to On, only if you generally configure your Vonage phone to SimulRing your mobile or work numbers.
Forward To/SimulRing #: These are shown only if call forwarding and/or SimulRing is on. Enter the phone numbers to where you generally have your calls forwarded.

Usage Settings:
Call Delay: Set it to about 20 seconds. WorldOnGo will wait this many seconds before calling your Vonage number. If it still rings your Vonage phone, increase the value appropriately.
Reset Delay: Applicable to device and iOS combinations that support background processing. Set it to about 60 to 120 seconds. WorldOnGo will wait this many seconds before resetting/disabling your call forward settings.
Show Call Prompt: Set it to Off. If you turn it on, WorldOnGo will show you a prompt just before calling your Vonage phone. This is feature useful when you have a land line (work phone) near by. When this prompt comes up, cancel it and call your Vonage number from work phone. Once your calls is connected just tap 'Reset Call Forward' button to reset your settings.
Show Reset Prompt: Set it to Off. If you turn it on, WorldOnGo will show you a prompt just before resetting call forward on your Vonage phone.
Enable Zero Ring: Set it to On. If you turn it off, you will hear one ring on your Vonage phone before the call is forwarded to the international number. Turn it off only if you are experiencing problems calling international numbers.
Reset in background: : Set it to On. This will cause the app to reset call forward on your Vonage account. In iOS 3.1.3 and older versions WorldOnGo relaunches itself as your call is being connected and disables call forward. In iOS 4.0 above on iPhone 3GS and iPhone4, the app will disable call forward in the background.

How to Use:
-Click on any favorite to call. If you don't have any favorites, click on '+' sign top right to add few.
-OR Click 'Contacts' tab to call any contact from your address book.
-OR Click 'Dial' tab to enter a phone number. Enter international numbers in +CountryCode XXXXXX format. (Hold 0 to enter a +)
-Once you are done with the call, the app will reset your call forwarding automatically. You can also go to the 'Settings' tab, click on 'Default Call Forward Settings' and reset your call forwarding.
-Go to Settings tab to upgrade and to unlock more features.

WorldOnGo is not produced by, licensed from, sponsored or endorsed by, or in any other way officially connected with Vonage®
Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC. Vonage World℠ is a registered service mark of Vonage Marketing LLC.

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